Things to do this Weekend July 29-31

This week marks the beginning of the five day event: the 88th Annual Lake County Fair. Besides the festivities in Grayslake, Lake County has a lot to offer this weekend. Besides that there are plenty of farmer’s markets, thrills at Six Flags Great America and the idea of taking a dip in the pool during […]

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Duran Duran

Things to do this weekend July 8-10

I know, we’re all recovering from a comfortable 4th of July weekend that just passed by in this week’s edition of Things to do this weekend July 8-10. The good thing about this week is we have a shortened week. I’ll take that happily! Just because Independence Day is gone, we have a slew of […]

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Things to do this Weekend June 10-12

Looking for things to this weekend June 10-12 and dag namit ain’t it gorgeous outside!? Sorry got a little southern charm from my grandma on this blog. As we move to normal months, this guy is enjoying the beauty of Lake County. Oh while we’re at it, we just released our summer guide entitled, ‘Hot […]

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hot town

Hot Town, Summer in Lake County 2016

Hot Town, Summer in the Lake County 2016, back of my neck getting rays and breezes! Ok maybe that is a stretch in changing the lyrics, but you have to get excited about the summer season change! Just when you think it’s spring (which kind of showed up), summer comes and spoils the party. Oh […]

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North Shore Distillery’s Grand Opening

Tell your friends – North Shore Distillery is back in business tomorrow! North Shore Distillery has been a staple right on the border of Libertyville and Lake Bluff. Their new headquarters are stationed in Green Oaks now. If you’ve been under a rock, the duo: Derek and Sonja Kassebaum are the proprietors of this Lake […]

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