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5 Tips to Celebrating Valentine’s Day

You want to make sure that this Valentine’s Day, you show your loved ones exactly what they mean to you.  Whether it’s a romantic gift or something cute for the littlest cherubs in your life, Valentine’s Day is a fun way to take a moment to tell someone that you love them. 1.)  Delicious Treats! […]

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Get Cozy with Coffee and Tea: Cafes in Lake County

There’s a coffee shop on every corner, and while sometimes we just need to stop in for a quick cup-a-joe for our morning caffeine fix, there are other times when there’s no better way to spend a winter day than snuggled up with a good book, in a unique coffee shop.  Here are just a […]

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Kids Eat Free (…or close to it)

Going out to eat with most kids, is an interesting adventure. They’re usually so excited to be out to dinner, that they’re too distracted to actually eat! And this is when the barter system starts a little sooner than usual. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. It goes a little something like this: If you […]

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