Things to do this Weekend April 22-24

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Six Flags Great America is opening their doors this weekend. Continue here to see all of the ticket prices With all of the fun activities this weekend, we will also see the weather up in the 70s! Sounds like a great weekend to get out in Lake County and experience Spring. Here are […]

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Easter Sunday Brunch

Things to do this Weekend March 25-27

Easter, March Madness and Family sounds like a fantastic weekend to me. Plus some of the kiddies in Lake County are approaching their spring break, while some are sadly ending. See what you can do during Spring Break with your youngsters. Check out and see what things to do this weekend March 25-27 in Lake […]

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The Orchid Show

Things to do this Weekend March 11-13

Spring is officially here. Well maybe not officially, but it’s darn close. To get the proper welcome to spring, continue here for the 2016 Guide: Spring has arrived in Lake County. You never know though with the way the weather has changed – I know because my allergies have alerted me in the process – […]

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2016 Spring Guide: Spring has Arrived in Lake County

That winter was nuthin! Didn’t have much snow, didn’t have much cold. Like the three little bears would eloquently put it, this winter (or porridge) was just right. Well winters over and we look forward to warm weather. Spring brings things like warmer weather, melted snow and a slew of Lake County activities to experience. […]

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Things to do this Weekend February 19-21

Valentine’s Day may be over, but there are plenty of opportunities the rest of this month to surprise your significant other with a Romantic Date night. I think the groundhog isn’t lying this year, as this weekend calls for 54 degrees on Friday. What!?! For the rest of your winter continue here to the Lake […]

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