Things to do this Weekend October 28-30

As we move into the final weekend of October, a lot of our favorite fall activities close for the year in this things to do this weekend October 28-30. Experience the spooks & spirits of a lifetime here in Lake County. Also Lake County is Cubs country as they’ve made the World Series for the […]

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Mundelein Guide: Festivals & Other Events

This portion of the Mundelein Guide is a treasure map to the must-go festivals in the area. It doesn’t matter the weather, Mundelein knows how to throw a good box social. One World Fest Mid-Late September Celebrate the diversity of culture in Lake County at the Fourth Annual One World Festival in Mundelein. The family-friendly […]

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Mundelein Guide: Let’s Go Play

Let’s go play in Mundelein. There some great places to take the kids around Mundelein to have a little fun in the sun, a little splash in the drink and (hopefully) a straight putt into the cup. Everyone’s had a long weekend at work, so let’s go play and unwind in Mundelein! Countryside Golf Club […]

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National Reptile Awareness Day

Some people have issues with our cold-blooded friends because of their scaly skin – or it just maybe snakes. However it is National Reptile Awareness Day in Lake County. I’m not a snake fan either, but surely my favorite reptilian fiction character was Kaa from the Jungle Book. His voice alone used to make me […]

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Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day in Lake County

Today is the day to Support your Local Chamber of Commerce Day in Lake County.  Your town’s chamber of commerce is the association that helps to promote the interest of the business community . Visit Lake County works with many of your respective Lake County chambers of commerce. Here’s a history tidbit: The first chamber […]

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