Photo of the Week: X-Flight at Six Flags

The photo of week for March 26 – 30 comes to us via Six Flags Great America, of their new roller coaster X-Flight. This new coaster is a wing coaster and will defy gravity with no track above or below you. Riders will sit pairs, suspended on either side of the track with your feet dangling as you plunge down 12 stories. Soar at speeds at 55 mph through 3,000 feet of intense drops and 5 inversions, including a barrel roll and zero-g roll. The most adrenaline rushing moments on the ride is where the coaster speeds straight towards a structure, before making a last minute vertical flip to fit through a keyhole cut-out tower. I can not wait to ride this new coaster this summer. I hear that the ride will be operating in May.

Let me know what you think of the ride and the photo.

– Anthony


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